My place in Tennessee is ideal for multi-track recording, overdubs, vocals, editing and mixing. I use a Pro Tools 2018, Mac based system with Lynx Aurora/Apogee converters and Dynaudio monitoring. I sum and mix down on a Burl Audio B32 Summing mixer. Outfitted with optimal acoustic design.

Being a freelance recording engineer allows me to be pretty flexible on where I make records.  But I prefer to do a majority of my Live-Tracking at Stump Sound in Louisburg, North Carolina.  Stump Sound is based around a Pro Tools 12 system with Lynx Aurora Converters and Dynaudio Monitoring.  The centerpiece of the studio is a rare-modified Neotek Series 1E console.  I love tracking on this console.  We have a nice variety of outboard pres and processing. Outfitted with optimal acoustic design